Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Drama Alert: Radio Romance

   Nooo my dear friends, i am not dead or lost, i am sorry that i still exist :D i exist but i wasn't here for a looooong time. I am very aware of the fact that i haven't written much and still come back here after a long time. But i missed this place, i missed writing here. I am sure noone really reads my writings , i know that i used this place as a hideout for my thoughts and feelings. But i really hope that one day, someone reads these and writes me, i am looking for that day :/
   Anyways, am i back here for this emotional shit? Of course not hahaha, i am here to share my excitement about a new drama. I couldn't find any good romance dramas recently, to confess: i haven't watched kdrama about two months or longer. Not because i dropped them, but i really didn't enjoy the last ones. Probably all of them are really good dramas, but mostly they weren't my type of drama and i dropped them almost on the first episode. :( Then, one day i was surfing on instagram and this drama got my attention. As soon as i saw the actors, i opened the first episode. And BOOM!!!

  I got hooked from the first episode. Actually, the story isn't a good one, it is predictiable and simple; but it is just what i want from a kdrama :D The mains <3 Doojoon is one of my favorite idols, because Highlight ( i prefer their older name Beast but what can i do :( ) showed me the way to go into the land of Kpop. 

  And here is Kim So-Hyun, the girl that appeared in every kdrama recently :D it isn't like i dislike her, but i really envy the fact that she is younger than me but still she is playing in lots of dramas with my dream actors :( She became so successful in such a short time, no wonder she is our main actress here. I loved her character, she is a cheerful girl, she always smiles with her chubby cheeks, cuteyyyy! 
  By the way, i haven't written the plot , but here is a short but enough one: Song Geu Rim(Kim So-Hyun) works as a radio program writer, she listened to the radio because of her blind mother. This led to her to become a radio program writer. She is fired from her last job, but she can work with the crazy Pd Lee Gang(Yoon Park) with one condition. She has to cast Ji Soo Ho(Yoon Doojoon). Ji Soo Ho is a top star, he always gives fake smiles, but in fact he shows his true self. Story begins with Song Geu Rim casting Soo Ho for the radio.

   Four episodes has come out, and i finished them as soon as they aired ^^ the raw and the subbed versions both, i am unpatient to see the scenes what to do? :d 
   It seems like i will watch this drama till the end, the cast is so good -not the mention the chemistry between them <3- Supporting roles are interesting, jealousy scenes are much more intense than i expected. Just like what i want from a Kdrama! 

What are your thoughts, anyone watching it? Please write in comments ^^ LOVE YOU ALL !

Friday, September 16, 2016


   And many handsome men :D I hope your day is going well, i am sure you will be better after starting this drama. Because there isn't any type that you will dislike. That means everyone will find a dream man of theirs ^^ You are getting excited right??? You must !!!  Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo will be on your top kdrama list *

Monday, August 22, 2016

Running Man Addiction

    First of all, i haven't been writing for a while. I am sorry for that. My school finished nearly one month ago and i was spending my whole free time with watching kdramas and kshows - as i usually do - :D I was planning to have a trip with my friends. But nothing went as i planned. There was a political situation at my country , so my picky family didn't allow me to go anywhere because of those security problems. SO i was stuck at my house for whole month. I was really bored , fortunately many kdramas started in June and July and saved me from misery :D I hope you guys have fantastic holiday !!!!! ☻

Monday, April 11, 2016


   Hello everyone! I missed you all, i have been waiting to write here, but i had lots of exams and couldn't find much time. Sorry for my lackness :( Anyway, after the exams , i had fun with my friends, i should say i overdosed too hahah :D I did somethings that i shouldn't , but i wasn't conscious of my behaviours. I hope , i won't regret them later T-T ... ENOUGH for me talking about myself, i couldn't control myself when i start talking , and i love talking with you guys, hope you enjoy it too. ♥

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Descendants Of The Sun - OST 2 ♥

This OST is sung by Chen from EXO... what to do , one of my favorite group singer and my fav drama together.. You should listen really !!

Descendants Of The Sun - OST ♥

Who is watching this drama, it is my favourite now !!!! Because there is SONG JOONG KI ..... And the songs are really addictive ♥

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


   Sorry for not writing for last days, I am at university and it is my first year. I had an important exam last day so I have been studying for it. -But i watched my kdramas anyway , i can't seperated from new episodes ^^
   ANYWAY ! I want to make a review about a drama that ended yesterday. You should understand which one i am saying right? YES, I am talking about CITT - CHEESE IN THE TRAP. Because this drama has gotten so many attention and made great rating , it has got many kdrama fans watching it. But with the bad ending , a lot of people have been complaining about it. I was so curious , i was asking myself how bad they can end it, and i saw it myself for a couple of hours ago. IT WAS A DISASTER, okay actually to think about it, besides the main leads , all the other characters ended well somehow , i really couldn't understand why the PDs decided to end it this way. !!!